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Looking to upgrade your motorcycle? Impress everyone when you speed by with one of our kits shining bright! Here, you’ll find our G5 PowerPUC Multi color kit that allows you to use our Led Remote to switch from over 17 different colors.

Tricked Out Custom Cycles is proud to offer the Raw Designs wildly popular Wheel Lighting Kits. The all new fifth-generation G5.  Our complete multi-color wheel kits light your bike like never before and now offer improved durability and ease of installation.  

  • Install LEDs directly ON your wheels!

  • Fits almost every motorcycle!

  • Choice of 17 different colors!

  • Led Remote Included with the kit

  • Low profile, flexible and waterproof LEDs!

  • Create wild effects with included Multi-Channel / Multi-Function Remote!


  • A fraction of the cost of aftermarket wheels…and GUARANTEED more attention!

  • Stand Out Like Never Before-TRICKED OUT

These kits include G5 Power Blocks, a PUC Ring, Mounting Brackets, Quick-Connect wiring, and an Installation Kit.


Check out our LED light kits for your motorcycle for an effect you didn’t know was possible – we know you’ll be hooked once you try them.  


How Does It Work?

At the heart of the PowerPUC is a “Slip-Ring”. The technology is over 100 years old and is used in everything from electric motors to helicopters to the steering wheel in your car. It is surprisingly simple, extremely reliable and safe. The PowerPUC has been uniquely designed to fit and function in this application.

Think of a record player (Remember those?) As the record spins, the needle is in constant contact with the record and transfers audio signals. The PUC works very similarly.

In our case, LEDs are attached to your wheel and connected to the “record”, which we call the PUC Ring. The PUC Ring mounts to your wheel. So the wheel, LEDs and PUC all spin together.

Our “needle” is called the Power Block. The Power Block is mounted stationary to your bike and contacts the PUC Ring at all times. The Power Block is connected to your battery through a switch or remote controller. Electrical power can now flow to the LEDs through the PowerPUC.

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