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This is the G5 Power Block and Puc System. With these parts you will be able to install LED light strips onto your Motorcycles Wheels. 

The PowerPUC is a system that allows 12 volts from your vehicle’s electrical system to be transferred to your wheels. The current G5 version is the most durable and easiest to install to date. It works whether the vehicle is in motion or parked. 

Wheel Light Installation Kit (one wheel)

  •  The PUC will fit on your rotor, sprocket or pulley. Use the dimensions on the chart below to estimate the best sizes will work for you bikes – front or back wheel. The slip-ring will adhere best to a location with a flatest surface area. In many applications, the slip-ring can be placed over bolt heads if they do not exceed the height of the Velcro strips (.25 inches) used to adhere the slip-ring to the rotor or spacers can be installed. For cosmetics, it is best to fit the ring to the kickstand side of the bike if possible. But check both sides of the wheel to see where the PowerPuc Slip-ring will best fit.


    PUC size # Inside Diameter Outside Diameter

    #1 puc                2 -1/8”            4 -1/16”

    #2 puc                2 -5/8”            4 -9/16”

    #3 puc                3”                    4 -7/8”

    #4 puc               4 -3/16”            6 -1/8”

    #5 puc               4-13/16”           6 -3/4”

    #6 puc               5 -3/16”            7 -1/8”

    #7 puc               5 -7/8”              7 -3/4”

    #8 puc               6 -1/4”              8 -3/16”

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