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We are proud to announce our collaboration with Amsoil Rep Andriy Daychuck & Amsoil Inc has come to a finish! We have had a close relationship with Andriy and Amsoil for nearly 15 years now, we are also proud to say Amsoil products are the ONLY syn products you will find at TOCC. We truly believe in Amsoils quality, from using it in personal vehicles religiously to recommending our clients make the switch - We stand with Amsoil!

We also want to thank all of the part sponsors who were able to provide only the best quality aftermarket parts for this project:


Riot Floorboards

Riot mini Floorboards

Riot shift peg

Riot Brake peddle

Riot Grips

Dillenger Mirrors

Engine Accent trims

Air FX Air Suspension:

Black Magnum Shocks

Compact Compressor & Valve assembly

Toggle Switch

Compressor Tank Bracket

Colours inc Paint & Supplies

Diamond Black

Deep Impact Blue

Pure Pearl White main & midcoat

Blaze Red

Urethane Red

Urethane Clear

Sticks, Strainers, Mixing cups & other supplies

Custom Dynamics:

Low Profile Pro Beam Smoked Taillight with Top Window� PB-TL-LPW-S

Probeam Red LED with Red Lenses

Black Flat Bezel Adaptors with Smoke Lens

Probeam Dynamic Ringz Flat inserts

Probeam 7 Inch Headlight

Probeam 4.5 Inch Passing Lamps


Slash Cut Slip on Mufflers


Nova Contrast 21 Inch Front Wheel

Nova Contrast Cut Rear Wheel

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